How to Take Care of Your Shoes

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The climate is changing fast. in 10 pairs of shoes are made in Asia. Do you think this is sustainable? We need to rethink our habits, urgently. It is essential to buy less. It is essential to buy less, to invest in better quality materials, that last longer…Like Leather.

Good quality Leather shoes will last forever, if you take good care of them. 

  1. Rotate your shoes. This allows moisture to dry out before you use them again. Wood shoe trees are great, absorbing moisture while maintaining the shape of your shoes.
  2. If the weather is terrible, leave your shoes at home. Waterlogged leather loses its essential oils as it dries, making it crack.
  3. Always use a shoe horn. The heel counter provides structure to the whole shoe. Damaging it compromises their durability.
  4. Clean and moisturize your shoes once in a while. Take off the laces and remove dust with a shoe brush. Use a cotton rag to rub in a leather conditioner. Finish with a shoe polish to fill small scratches and restore their color.
  5. And if your shoes are damaged, don’t throw them away. In the hands of a professional shoe repairman, they will come back to life.

All we need is less. Choose wisely.