Av. Dr. Francisco Sá Carneiro, 5, 3-B
2780-241 Oeiras

+351 214 187 674

Abotoa was built in 2004 by Jorge de Oliveira Pinto and his family.

Abotoa through the brand SKYPRO intends to be recognised as the most competent company in the management world and deliver uniforms to industries of intensive labour, through systems of innovation, technology, and sustainability. 

Supported under the brand SKYPRO, it sells, manages and delivers footwear and uniforms with specific designs and features adequate for sectors that require a great availability of human resources, and that use work uniforms. The sectors within aviation industries, private security, oil and energy, hospital, great distribution and public transportation of passengers, are the prioritised areas.

SKYPRO’s value proposition is allowing clients to focus on their core business, and give SKYPRO the entire management of uniforms, where we thrive, and where we ultimately deliver excellence.