R. de S. Cipriano, 658, Tabuadelo 
4835-461 Guimarães
+351 253 527 163

AMF, Lda., since 2005, has been dedicated to the conception and production of technical working footwear, whose strategy is Innovation and the constant demand for new solutions for its product.

AMF’s vision and mission represent the identity and organisational ambition of the company. That is why the company defined, as its vision, protecting the feet of the workforce worldwide, with design, comfort and quality and whose mission is to offer protection, comfort and profitable solutions for feet safety in the workplace. The concept of safety within the company is the complete solution for technical footwear that envisions reducing accidents in the workplace and maximising comfort and the welfare of their clients, through the conception of high-end products, with distinctive techniques and advanced and innovative materials. 

One of the main characteristics of AMF and its managers is undoubtedly to pay permanent attention to market evolution, their potential and business opportunities. Currently, the company encompasses two owned bands, TO WORK FOR and Too’l, that stands at the forefront of the footwear labour market, due to their elevated technical content, materials and innovative constructions, and because of their bold design and comfort.