R. Alves Redol, 372
4050-042 Porto

+351 225 074 150

APICCAPS is a corporate association of national importance based in Oporto, founded in 1975 and that represents the following activity sectors: the Footwear Industry; Footwear components Industry; Leather articles/items Industry (bags, purses, gloves, belts, etc.) and the Industry and Commerce of equipment for the mentioned sectors.

APICCAPS is also the managing entity of the Footwear and Fashion Cluster, recognised under Order no. 2909/2015, whose mission is promoting densification, qualification and rejuvenation of the cluster, reinforcing the bond between the current members and attracting new companies and institutions; streamlining collective efficiency that stimulates innovation and internationalisation; and promoting the cluster’s image, of its members and the Portuguese footwear.

Aligned with that mission, APICCAPS promotes and performs a set of initiatives in several areas (for example, strategic studies, image campaigns, marketing and advertising, organising the promotion of companies’ internationalisation, and economic studies, among others) aiming to promote the development of sectors and companies it represents, also ensuring their representation with public entities whose activity is relevant for the industry. 

For the achievement of statutory requirements, APICCAPS promotes several activities, which include: