Marco de Simães, 1644
4615-414 Lixa

+351 255 490 350

ATLANTA – Componentes para Calçado, Lda., (Footwear components) began its activity in 1995, devoted to the production of footwear components, rubber articles and soles.

ATLANTA presents a production capacity of nearly 20 000 pairs of soles /day, where TPU and TR soles, whether mono-colour, bicolour and tricolour, rubber, prefabricated, and monocoloured PVC, as well as the development and production of more sustainable soles that include using recycled materials, with natural fibres, with cork, sugarcane, coffee grounds, rice husk, among other and more biodegradable polymers.

ATLANTA is an entrepreneurial company that, since early on, caught the need to boost its presence in the international market scene, therefore participating with its own presence in several national and international fairs of expertise with the presentation of its personal collections.

Recently, ATLANTA invested in photovoltaic panels, envisioning the reduction of kg CO2 eq associated with electric energy use.