R. Oliveira Figueiredo, 320
Zona Industrial das Travessas
3700-202 São João da Madeira
+351 256 203 020

Vasconcelos & Ca. Lda, best known as BELCINTO, manufactures accessories products, such as purses, bags, wallets and belts for men and women, incorporating raw materials that are primarily in leather, destined in its majority for European clients, however holding already interesting expressionism for their own brand, BELCINTO, with elevated patterns according to the demand. Its products are renowned for their elevated durability, with the possibility of repair, and also for their sustainable components.

Vasconcelos & Ca. Lda bets on the development of diversified and innovative collections of products, meeting the demands of its users. In the short term, it predicts to create of new product lines, to reach new segments and public-target, evolving even further in the chain of value.