Ponte do Peral, Apartado 70, Gouxaria
2384-909 Alcanena
+351 249 889 050

COURO AZUL, founded in 1986, integrates the GRUPO CARVALHOS. COURO AZUL’s strategy specialises in the production and commercialisation of high-end leather with certain specifications, directed at demanding market segments, such as footwear and auto, and has facilitated the entrance of highly relevant clients on national and world levels. 

Currently, the group sells its products to the main manufacturer of footwear and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and TIER’s One.

Its leather goods are present in quality shoe products and products under brands such as BMW, AUDI and MERCEVES, VOLVO, SKODA, NISSAN, among others. Aside from the auto sector from COURO AZUL, developed also product lines for the railroad and aeronautics industries, always from the standpoint of diversification, specialisation and products of added value.