R. 24 de Junho, 1399
2380-639 Vila Moreira

+351 249 890 676

Curtumes Ibéria, with facilities in Vila Moreira, Alcanena’s council, began its activity under its individual name in 1963, leading towards the transformation of the anonymous society 30 years later. To this day, there has been progressive growth in the company, up to a point to be portrayed currently inside the group of the largest tannery sectors nationwide.

Curtumes Ibéria, SA has conquered, in the several decades since the beginning of its activity, a position of preponderance in the national scene, in what it’s their “core business”, tannery and finishing of bovine leather. The final products are characterised by elevated quality, as they result from a production process with a high technological level, a specialised workforce and a rigorous selection of raw materials.

The company is dedicated to the bovine leather tannery, producing a diversified range of products, specially napa leather, nubucks, greasy, corrected, and fancy items essentially destined for the footwear and accessories industries. It exports part of its production, and also has an excellent relationship with the footwear sector in Portugal, being seen as a renowned supplier.