R. da Liberdade, 265
2380 575 Monsanto, Alcanena

+351 249 870 566

A company with ancient family roots, the 1st License dating 1933, and with the current designation and structure since 1984, with continuous Layout updates for the needs for market flexibility. A dynamic company open to small and medium orders and new markets, yet always faithful to the clients of today.

The company works on bovine leather, using vegetal tannery technology in harness production for accessories and footwear insoles. The leather produced by RUTRA has features different from the conventional, namely in the fact that it has a lighter hue, which is not very common in vegetal-tanned leather.  The company specialised in this type of production, attaining consequently the differentiation of their product in the market.

Flexibility and Quality are the targets in sight, with products at competitive prices and quality tailored to the client’s needs. A good binomial between price and quality is ensured by the specialisation and by the organisational structure attentive to every hierarchy level. There is good human resources training led by the superior panel. The main market of the company is the national one, although it has perspectives of growth in the external market, especially in the French and Spanish markets.