Estrada Nacional, Nº 243, Km 29,
Sítio da Machuqueira
2380-563 Moitas Venda

Demoscore, Lda. is a tannery company, located in Gouxaria, Alcanena, that was born in 2007.

Currently, the company is aiming to provide services and to manufacture and marketing of furless leather, destined for the footwear industry. Its position in the market bets on the quality, innovation, actuality, and punctuality of its products and services, without overlooking the environmental component of its processes and products, as well as fulfilling national and international regulations. 

The company bets on the differentiation of the initial stage of processing raw materials, bovine leather, aiming to ensure a tannery of elevated quality with reduced environmental impact. Even though the huge challenges in the global market, the company never stopped having an ecological consciousness and has been working towards sustainable development.

The company is renowned for the regularity in the quality of their provision and the quick capacity of response, ensuring, however, the reduction of environmental impacts resulting from their activity and concern with national and international regulations. Enjoying the placement of potential, it keeps amplifying its skills, to provide its clients with innovative services and products and effective monitoring of the manufacturing processes.