R. Alto do Mondego, Estrada do Lagar de Pau, Gouxaria
2380-159 Alcanena

+351 249 891 752

Derma Leather, S.A. began its activity in 2003, but its origin is the father of the stakeholders. He started the activity in 1945, showcasing his maturity, wisdom and knowledge that only a patriarch withholds.

Its manufacturing activity is centred on the Leather transformation Process from the Wet-Blue, having an annual productive capacity of 12 million square feet.

The company upgrade with investments in environmental production and protection, as well as the required quality, at the time of the acquirement of raw materials, are factors that play for the good quality of our articles, intending to fully satisfy our clients. The company is dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of furless leathers, essentially destined for the footwear industry. 

Derma Leath works with bovine and goat leather, where the destination of these leathers is the fashion market, particularly footwear.

The company is the strategic pillar the internationalisation, which is the reason why it participates in the major expertise international fairs. 

Almost the entire production within the company is destined for exportation, indirect or direct, aiming at the national footwear industry. The final destination for footwear is the most demanding market globally, the European markets, in particular the German market. To be in this market, the quality of the articles needs to be constant, the respect for the delivery deadlines has to be scrupulous, and the chemical innocuousness has to be assured.  Another aspect is that these market’s value is the environmental and social concerns of the companies that supply for them, as the current project is important for Dermaleather, not only for the increase in production efficiency, which will present results but also for the improvement of the company’s image, with the due marketing action that should follow the intended process reformulation.