R. da Indústria Metalúrgica, 123A
2430-528 Marinha Grande
+351 912 589 990

Dreamplas is a recently founded company, in a start-up concept able to generate value and create wealth within the tested solutions in the investigation, development and innovation processes.

It’s a company that was born with an innovative spirit with concepts of investigation and development highly structured and able to answer highly vast and diversified markets, following the guidelines of product differentiation and technological solutions. 

In this sense, the company doesn’t hold a history of IDI activities; however, it will benefit from the acquired experience of the Partners, in the areas of investigation, development and innovation. Its objective to follow a path in the pursuit of its IDI strategy to implement an internal policy that will allow results at the efficiency level in their innovative performance,  allowing them to be innovative on different levels, such as products, processes, organisational level, marketing or the combination of them.