Av. 1º Maio, Zona Industrial Travessas
Apartado 181
3701-911 S. João da Madeira
+351 256 200 500

Created in January 2010 ERT têxtil Portugal S.A., has absorbed the human, material and physical resources from ERT Empresa de Revestimentos Têxteis (Textile Lining Company). Founded in 1992, ERT has dedicated itself from the beginning of its activity to fabric lamination/foaming, disposing of the initial covered area of 700 m2. Presenting the activity’s objective, the Industry and trading of fabrics and linings, ERT currently presents a capital stock of 2.502.000 Euros, divided by 500.400 actions.

The change occurred at the beginning of 2010, and derives from a gradual growth policy, where the company always knew how to evolve by expanding its services/product scope. Subsidiary companies were created to complement business offers and led to the founding of ERT group.

ERT, throughout the years, has been executing a considerable volume of investments, fulfilling the program for the defined sustainable growth. In just five years of activity, it increased the investment volume by more than fourfold, which is significant for the priorities and stability that guide its business activity. In the logistics area, adapting construction, laboratories, HR and internationalisation, has also been receiving several investments.