R. Vasco da Gama, 286
Zona Industrial de Arrifana
Apartado 1101
3700-569 Arrifana VFR

+351 256 810 390/8

EURODAVIL – INDÚSTRIA DE CALÇADO, LDA. EURODAVIL, founded over 30 years in the most historical and notable regions of the footwear industry in Portugal, em São João da Madeira, is dedicated to footwear production. The company continues its evolution and, at the moment, is counting on the third family generation involved in the management.

Introducing the brand Valuni, marked the consolidation of the internationalisation process in the company and the evolution of an excellence threshold at the level of the product position, opening the gateway for the new markets in and out of Europe. 

The constant innovation, quality and efficiency of VALUNI brand, made Eurodavil company a reference for the national and international markets.

The company primarily produces leather footwear, combining the classical style with contemporaneous modernity, where the target public is kept, in the active man, always young, that doesn’t overlook elegance and comfort in everyday life. EURODAVIL benefits from the experience and knowledge of the responsible ones, at the level of the market from a production process standpoint, and footwear product and knowledge of the target market, achieving during the lasting tradition of the footwear production business. 

EURODAVIL, looks for the future as a growth potential through access to new markets and new segments, namely betting on their reference brand VALUNI, the responsiveness of the markets to innovating products with differentiated design and materials; without overlooking the image and reputation of the manufactured footwear in Portugal within the external markets and clients.