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Faculdade de Ciências (FCUP) (Porto Science College) is, since its origin, in 1911, the Porto College faculty that is responsible for teaching Natural and Exact Science. Throughout the years, the ministered education made available has been combined increasingly more closely with investigation and development activities, which enables the consolidation of the scientific rigour that best describes its training activity at a graduate and post-graduate level. 

Faculdade de Ciências, by remaining responsible for degrees in the Natural Exact Science areas, such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geology, currently holds a transdisciplinary approach on a teaching-learning level, to ensure adequate training for the demands and expectations of the modern world.

As a result, degrees in more applied areas, some of which with evident technological natures, others that gather transversal skills, started to be recognised, making Network Engineering and Computerized Systems and Environment Sciences and Technologies some of the highlighted examples. 

FCUP is positioned as the promoting entity of an excellent and qualified superior education in Natural and Exact Science and their applications to Technology, in the graduate and post-graduate ranges, providing their students with multidisciplinary training, that combines academic rigour with a passion for discovery. In addition,  Investigation and Innovation activities are essential to conducting education at the highest international patterns, prompted by the inherent diversity of their scientific community and their numerous international collaborations.

The college takes on its insertion in the Society and Region as the third fundamental pillar in its mission, which concerns the development of Continuous Education and the dissemination of Science and Technology, which aims to ensure the appreciation of knowledge and connection to the Community through partnerships and consulting, and mostly, it intends on endowing their students the ability and love for working in a wise, creative and efficient way, preparing them for an optimal application of Science and Tech while creating a better world.

The Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto (FCUP) has the mission to generate, disseminate and preserve the knowledge of Science and Technology, making it so that the knowledge can answer Society’s great challenges.