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The Universidade do Porto (UPORTO) (Porto University) founded in 1911, is a hallmark superior education institution focused on individual vocations and the market’s needs. It constitutes an important engine for the economic, social, cultural, and scientific development in Portugal, through its 14 colleges, business schools and 60 scientific investigation units located in 3 university campuses in Oporto District. 

Faculdade de Engenharia (FEUP) (The Engineering College) is one of the largest of 15 schools that belong to Porto University, with over 8000 students, 86 courses and around 600 professors and investigators in 9 Engineering Departments: Civil, Electric and Computerized Engineering, Physics, Industrial and Management, Computer Systems, Mechanics, Metallurgical and Material Engineering, Mines and Geo-Environmental and Chemistry. The main Investigation and Innovation areas are Environmental Technologies, Ocean Tech, Nutrition Tech, Biotech, Health Science, Material Tech, Mechanical Tech, Electronics, Automation and Control, Computerized and Telecommunication Tech, Systems Engineering, New forms of Energy, Food Quality and Safety, Risk Prevention and Reduction, and Industrial Management.

Professors and investigators are active in 20 national I&D units, 8 of which received the categorization “Exceptional” or “Excellent” in the last evaluation promoted by the Science and Technology Foundation (FCT).