Av. 1º de Maio, 71
3700-227 São João da Madeira
+351 256 201 700

Founded in 1965, Idepa manufactures labels and trimming articles paying special attention to the continuous improvement of services and products, and is reinvented every day, solidified by the familiar experience built throughout three generations dedicated to the textile industry. IDEPA is client-oriented and has a specialised team, with a deep knowledge of the production and finishing processes, and is under constant research and development of new materials and haberdashery items, betting on advanced technology, creativity and consulting.

IDEPA defines its mission as listening attentively to its clients’ needs, opting to hold full control of the entirety of the production process. And that means producing new and original ideas every single day. By investing in the power of technology as much as brain power. New materials, new designs, new solutions, everything to showcase the brands. Because creativity isn’t merely an accessory.

IDEPA is focused on the development of accessories that help identify and appreciate the brand, in several activity sectors.

Each challenge is answered with an idea and means to make it real. We make the difference, from the littlest detail to the global solution.