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2025-012 Amiais de Cima

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Inducol is an industry dedicated to tannery and leather finishing using “iberian merino” sheepskin, destined for production at a smaller scale of the footwear industry. Inducol was founded in 1978 by António da Cruz Costa, and is specialized in tannery and finishing of “double face” sheepskin, destined for the garment industry. In 1980 the negotiations with international markets started, making the company a pioneer in the export scene in the leather segment.

The great results of the export policies followed by the company brought Inducol to participate for the 1st time in the sector’s international fair, in 1984. In 1986, they developed activities that later allowed them to launch their own articles, through the engagement of world-renowned stylists and designers in the garment sector, which prompted the gateway in selling to international brands. 

Ever since its creation, the company has always held, as a target market, the garment and ready-made clothing, resulting in the development of processes for the constant improvement of products within the sector. However, in 1993 it realised the potential of the footwear market and created a new company, Inducol, that would develop adequate leathers for that activity sector.

It’s the company’s goal to constantly improve its processes and update its products, to maintain the attained level of quality and trust.