R. da Salgueira – Amiais de Cima
2025-012 Abrã

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Indutan – Comércio e Indústria de Peles, S.A., is a company that is dedicated to the transformation of sheepskin and goatskin, from their raw state to the finished item, ready to be incorporated into garments, accessories and footwear products. It was founded in 1993, and ever since, having paved the way for a growing item appreciation, positioning itself today in one of the highest segments in the market, with a stronghold in the most prestigious brands within the fashion sector. This path was built on three fundamental pillars – human resources, infrastructures and technology – betting on areas that once were considered critical by Indutan for the promotion of their development.

Indutan holds the forefront position in haute-couture or high-end fashion, selling their pieces to several ends, as is the case of women’s bags, gloves, garments and footwear, particularly women’s. Nowadays, their pieces are incorporated into luxury products, with elevated added value. To attain this plateau, Indutan went through the ropes in the development of innovative collections, in a close partnership with international stylists, keeping high-quality patterns through and through, and updating new technologies that are constantly arising in the tannery sector, from the machinery standpoint, or in what concerns chemical prescription.

It’s this company’s goal, to combine, as much as possible, the aesthetic component to a technological innovation increment that will avail to present functional and sustainable articles – circular, joining two very important social and market trends, which are Sustainability, in light of minimizing the environmental, the circular economy and chemical innocuity impacts, by eliminating all types of substances that might cause sensitivity in the user of the final product.