R. Padre Miguel, 85
2415-428 Gare, Leiria

+351 244 881 820

LCR – Luz Costa & Rodrigues, Lda., later known as LCR, is a small dimensioned familiar company, headed in Leiria, was founded in 1965. In 1989, the company started to dedicate itself to the production and commercialization of sealants and tubes in plastic products.

By 2001, the company decided to include in their activity manufacturing polymeric accessories, being used by their clients in a joint application with products being manufactured by the company up to that point, and so it incorporates a new transformation technology –  the injection – with the acquirement of two machines for that effect. 

In 2013, LCR acquired the fixed assets of an insolvent mass, which allowed them to create a new business area downstream, and this way, it created the appreciation of their manufacturing process, holding control over it. As a result of this acquisition, Coblex – Polymer Transformation was born, today an LCR’s registered brand, that is dedicated essentially to supply companies in the footwear sector. 

LCR  operates in the market with several applications, of several materials, mostly PVC, EPDM, ABS (coextrusion), PMB, PP E SABS, and TPV. LCR’s mission, develop technical profiles in polymers and thermoplastic innovative and quality compounds with added value that will allow them to reinforce their internal and external positioning and also, step into new ones.