Apartado 158
R. Sta. Maria, 3211
4650 – 451 Sernande, Felgueiras

+351 255 340 680

LIAGO – Comércio e Indústria de Calçado, Lda, was created in 1987 by the hands of its founder Porfírio Azevedo, already at the time with great experience in footwear production, starting its internationalisation process.

In 1994 it began its collaboration with a dutch company in the creation and development of children’s footwear, the Gattino brand. A product of medium-high quality, that sets the tone with its exclusiveness and quality of materials. By 2000, Liago in the constant pursuit of development and growth, changes facilities to the current headquarters, with a daily production capacity of 1000 pairs of shoes, investing in the modernisation of production, equipment and cutting-edge technology. In 2009 the company reinforced their bet on training and appreciation of its workforce, with the elaboration of training plans custom-made to answer their needs and in 2010, it started to develop and produce women’s footwear under the brand INNOCENT.

LIAGO defines as its mission the creation of high-end products with attractive designs, at a fair cost, ensuring the client the pleasure of feeling good with its services and products. The health and comfort of the users are its priorities. Flexibility and the ability to adapt to the most demanding propositions of their clients and the rigorous upholding of deadlines makes its path filled with success, with almost immediate response to challenges and the demands of their clients and the market.

Constantly betting on innovation and product design, it carefully selects materials later used in the manufacturing of footwear, favouring natural products.