Av. 1º de Maio, Zona Industrial 1,
Caixa Postal 6010
3701-907 São João da Madeira

+351 256 830 990

LORCOL was founded in 1985 and is dedicated to the production of glue, varnish, and auxiliary chemical products for the industry in general. It’s a quota society with € 1.500.000,00 in capital stock and is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 norms.

LORCOL’s corporate mission is the determination to produce and supply renowned quality products whose production is regulated by the constant reinforcement of safety and enhancement of technical and environmental performance, supported by a complete and integrated technical and commercial customer support service. 

LORCOL products are well implemented in the national market and are exported to several countries inside and outside of the European Community, and that is the reason LORCOL integrated into their mission, the continuous improvement of their products, where the reflection of their policies are in: INNOVATION AND COMPETITIVENESS – LORCOL investigated and developed over the last years, the production of an ample range of glues and varnishes, particularly, water-based solutions for industrial uses, and namely for footwear, the production of liquid rubber water-based solutions for the engraving of lids and bottoms of metal packages, not only for industrial products but also for food products, and reactive polyurethane solutions for the timber and cork industries.