R. da Indústria Lote 2, 77
3720-251 Oliveira de Azeméis
Travanca, Portugal

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The company Conceição Rosa Pereira, in the project designated as ONOFRE, with over 80 years of history and experience in the footwear industry, has always been described as a company worried and connected with the creation of high-end products, with very specific characteristics in regards to artisanal production coupled with a rigorous selection of materials. The company considers it important and fundamental to select high-end materials and combine innovation and technology with the detail offered by artisanal production.

LUÍS ONOFRE is characterised by the attractive and refined quality and design, the nobility of the materials used and the innovation of the processes that target the market of the demanding, sophisticated, charismatic woman with strong purchasing power. 

The brand LUÍS ONOFRE has been battling for its notoriety, in the luxury footwear segment, and also battling to make it an increasingly more valuable brand in the global market. Currently, the Brand is so valuable in the market, that the company while Conceição Rosa Pereira Ca. Lda. has lost its identity, being this identity later absorbed by its own brand. LUÍS ONOFRE, throughout the last decade, was recognised several times, nationally and internationally, with several recognition awards. 

The projection of the brand and its international appreciation has been exceeding every expectation, which provides the belief that, in addition, the brand presents a highly elevated progression margin. The company is still betting strongly on innovation, differentiation and surprising factors that they bring in the most important hubs of high-end fashion and luxury while incorporating the sustainability dimensions.

Over the last years, the brand LUÍS ONOFRE has invested in its notoriety among the best brands in the market segment and on imposing itself as a luxury brand of added-value products, with competitive prices in relation to their most direct competitors, considering quality and differentiation of their products and services. ONOFRE works every day to make LUÍS ONOFRE a brand increasingly valuable in the global market.

In the consolidation and growth stage of the company, ONOFRE defines as strategic areas of prioritised investigation, the commitment to diversification and differentiation of products, always based on the elevated sophistication of concept and design, innovation, of product materials and the manufacturing processes and approaches for online retail sales.