R. de Romariz, 1100
Apartado 4510
3700-904 Romariz

+351 256 840 090

LUSOCAL, founded in 1987, specialised in the development and production of toecaps, heel counters, and padded linings for footwear products, being a market leader for over 30 years. Rooted in the two main footwear poles in Portugal, the one in São João da Madeira and the one in Felgueiras, that maintains a close relationship with their clients.

LUSOCAL offers their clients a great variety of components, produced in a large range of materials and characteristics, including components in recycled materials, as well as a set of specialised services (trimming leather, moulding, among others).

LUSOCAL considers the Quality and Environmental Policy as one of the fundamental pillars for the company’s success, being guided in the sense of attaining the best quality, ongoing improvement and the best possible environmental performance. This guideline stands on the following principles:

LUSOCAL also bets on sustainability, promoting a circular economy, through the recycling of waste caused by materials generated in its process, which are separated, gathered and forwarded to the material manufacturers that will later reintroduce them in the production of new recycled materials and are again used by LUSOCAL in the production of new footwear components.