R. D. João de Mascarenhas, 90
4150-419 Porto
+351 226 165 500

MIGUEL OLIVEIRA began its business in 1952, as a vendor of auxiliary products for the Textile Industry. In its current form – MOSSA – Miguel Oliveira, Sucessores., S.A. – has existed since 1988 where, throughout the years, the range of products offered was widened to dyes and many other chemical specialities for the textile, tanning, paper pulp, and plain paper, pharmaceutical, fertiliser, glass and farming sectors.

MOSSA works in their own facilities, in a modern building with 13.300 square feet of covered areas, strategically located in the River area, in Porto, with easy access to AE1 and AE3. Additionally, they have their own infrastructure in VILA MOREIRA, Rua 24 de Junho, with an area of 3.000 square feet, dedicated to the tanning sector.

Both facilities centre administrative, production, and storage areas and also modern, well-equipped laboratories to support customers and for quality control. 

Over 3.000 tons/year of dye and chemical specialities are placed in the internal market, with good perspectives on the exporting activity being substantially incremented, in the short term.  

The service, the unconditional customer support, the major stock and the on-time delivery are pearls of what our activity pertains to and insurers of our success and continuous progress.

The manufacturing and production processes of our products obey rigorous environmental requirements, in regard to air and water purification, through adequate filters and its own Waste Network.

At the beginning of 2003, for the first time, MOSSA decided to apply to obtain the ISO 9001:2000 Certificate, and it accomplished that in June 2004, through TÜV Rheinland Portugal, Lda., where it still holds that certification. It also obtained the ISO 9001:2015 Certificate on October 31st 2019.