R. do Sobreiral, 86
3720-287 São João da Madeira

+351 256 832 547

OFICINAWARE Informática, Lda. is a company established in 2013, directed towards Conception, Development, Sales, Service Provision and Consulting in the Computer Systems area, having its own skillset:

OFICINAWARE belongs to the OFICINA SOLUÇÕES group, established in 1992, a business directed towards the conception, development, sales, and services provision, in the Computer Systems area, namely the development of management applications specific to the Footwear, Clothing and Accessories sector. Largely experienced in software development, the company offers Management solutions for PME, which, when implemented, significantly increase Management productivity and efficiency.

OFICINA DE SOLUÇÕES INFORMÁTICA is the company, in the footwear sector, whose products hold the most visibility, mostly within the PME, because of its adequacy and simple interface for users, having a language and procedures of easy assimilation for their users and companies, which makes this one of their greatest assets.

OFICINAWARE’s mission is focused on the offer of better solutions for their target markets, anticipating their client’s needs in the industrial and organisational segments where their integrated solutions offer special added value to their client’s businesses, contributing to the reinforcement of the pertaining competitiveness.