Largo Alminhas das Barrancas, 97
4415-343 Pedroso 
+351 227 470 610

PROCALÇADO, founded in 1973, is one of the leading European companies in the Footwear and Fashion Cluster, specialised in the development and trading of soles, for the best footwear brands worldwide, under the ForEver® brand, internationally recognised, by their peers and customers.

PROCALÇADO steps forward as a leading company in Portugal within its activity sector, but it intends to broaden that leading spot to the international market, promoting the continuous improvement of its traditional products and diversifying its product range to new market segments/niches of larger added value. 

PROCALÇADO has been showcasing their qualities, and intends, in a very clear way, to reinforce its skills in the sense of stepping forward as a company that can stand at the forefront by meeting the footwear industries’ needs in Portugal, but mainly to compete in external more demanding markets alongside their main competitors. 

PROCALÇADO is equipped with a large range of technologies that allow them to develop, produce and sell soles of different specificities, obtained with different technologies and in the most diverse materials, introducing to the market, a wide range of products (for example, natural rubbers, synthetic rubbers, thermoplastic, biodegradable thermoplastic, PVC and EVA).

Through the dynamic nature that best portrays PROCALÇADO and enjoying the acquired know-how throughout the years, with production processes of soles, it has decided to bet on the development of two types of polymeric footwear directed to market segments completely different from one another. The technical footwear of the WOCK® brand and sold by WALKEMORE, S.A. company and the high-end footwear LEMON JELLY, is commercialised by the Design e More, S.A. company.