Estrada Nacional Nº 243, km 29.3
Sítio da Machuqueira, Moitas Venda, Apartado 122
2384-909 Alcanena
+351 249 891 606

PRODYALCA was founded in September 2004 and is dedicated to the conception and development, production and commercialisation of chemical products in several sectors, such as water management, industrial maintenance, civil construction, Horeca channel, and more recently, the tanning industry. 

The growth in business has been remarkable, and this feat played a key part in the bet on internationalization.

Prodyalca is perfectly implemented in the markets aforementioned, although in the case of the tanning businesses, the company started to mainly trade commodities, such as strong organic acid, weak and strong basis, and organic solvents.

It’s extremely important for Prodyalca the constant development and integration of new products that will bring innovation and differentiation to the range available in a portfolio, and where the company aims to stand as a hallmark by launching differentiated products, where excellent technical properties are combined to a strong innovation; having created throughout the years, a privileged relationship with several national tanning companies, as well as international companies, and currently is their partner in the development processes, more so than just a vendor.

Prodyalca conducts constant research of new raw materials, in the sense of obtaining enhanced properties or reduction in the cost of the chemical products it sells.