Av. do Brasil, 231
3700-070 São João da Madeira


RAP, located in São João da Madeira, Portugal, throughout the last has established itself as the pioneer in the generation of accessible high-end footwear, specially designed for active children. The quality and position of RAP in the market are the result of 6 generations of a family working in the footwear industry.

RAP is represented in several European countries, yet mostly in the Scandinavian market. The origin and creation of the brand is purely Portuguese, however, with a danish touch that offers a recognisable signature. Every product is manufactured in their own factory in Portugal, where they hold elevated quality control, making RAP one of the brands with the least returns or percentage of quality complaints. 

At the factory, alongside their own brand RAP, they also produce for renowned brands. They are experts in leather shoes, however, in the last few years, they have launched a line of vegan shoes, manufactured with cork.