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ROPAR was born from the concept and held the trademark of ergonomic, comfortable footwear, for the international and national markets.

The invention trademark, registered by the company’s father in 1966, envisioned two basic principles: the first, comprehending the correct support of the foot arch, inserted in a sole, providing the specific support for the backbone, correcting the body posture and relieving chronic pain. The second, thanks to the innovative toecap made of knitted mesh, prevented any type of friction or pressure in 100% volumetry of the foot. Quickly, the registered «ARCOPEDICO» brand reached enormous notoriety, in the beginning in Portugal, the country that holds 100% of their industrial production, and later, subsequently, in the United Kingdom, Benelux, United States, France, Italy, Switzerland, Scandinavian Countries and many others.

The company stood faithful to the product’s concept that underlined the reason for its foundation. Their customers’ profile was distinguishing since early on, having been frankly noted within the comfort footwear market. The target has been clearly aimed at consumers that demand footwear that will provide them with full comfort and appreciative of 100% adjustable to their feet and an ergonomic insole that will ensure 100% support for the foot’s arch for the correct posture of the backbone.

In 2012 it began the Ortomedical line, which is a brand directed towards healthcare, specifically for sensitive feet, affected by structural alterations and that will ensure appropriate accommodation and toe movement without causing pressure, without inner stitching, with the ability to adapt to the volume throughout the day, in conclusion, all the characteristics that will respect feet with conditions, like for example the diabetic foot.