R. Alto das Barrancas, 227
4650-361 Revinhade, Felgueiras

+351 255 310 080

SAVANA is a company that specialized in the production of children’s shoes, having developed their activity since 1988. The main focus of the company goes through the offer of an excellent product, developed by a dynamic and ambitious team, combined with the best technologies and materials in the market. Currently, 98% of their manufactured products are exported to Europe, where, their partnered clients are great international brands, of a high recognition and notoriety.

SAVANA has the goal of fighting for fundamental creative concepts, being guided by basic principles that accomplish an efficient and sublime activity. However, our dynamic team, combined with technology and design, boosts the creation of an excellent product. 

SAVANA defines its mission as one where it satisfies the needs and expectations of its customers and workforce, and also to develop, produce and trade excellent footwear and bets on the continuous improvement of the workforce, products and processes, supported by its vision, and establishing itself in the national and international market as a product of excellence focused on the quality of their products and services, and the capacity of meeting the needs of their clients, in the endowment of their workforce and their ethical practices; and having as a pillar, value as Quality, Reliance, Transparency, Responsibility, Commitment, Integrity, Sustainability, Tradition and Excellence.