Av. Marquês de Pombal
Edíficio Luxor, Lote 4 – 3º Esq, Apartado 63
2380-014 Alcanena

+351 249 247 420

SoftLeather is dedicated to the production and marketing of leather. We act on several branches, such as footwear, accessories and furniture areas and distribute our productive capacity of around 30 000 leather on a monthly basis in several segments. 

At this moment, SoftLeather has a presence in the main markets in Europe, America and Asia, exporting nearly 70% of its production.

SoftLeather comes forward, in the tanning sector because of the constant investments in studies, research, equipment and new technologies that make the reduction of environmental impacts resulting from the industrial process possible. As examples of set measures in terms of environmental responsibility, we can highlight the fact that we were able to install our own ETAR, with the capacity to process the entirety of the liquid waste generated by the productive process, whose monitoring and treatment systems management serves the demands of the environmental organisms; the adoption of a system of steam recovery, where the surplus steam generated by the boiler will replace the electrical energy in the leather production lines; the implementation of a closed circuit of water, for the water recovery in the production and capture processes of water for sustenance; the recovery and delivery of part of the leather waste, to use in the production of organic fertilisers.