R. dos Combatentes do Ultramar, Zona Industrial 1
3700 – 089 S. João da Madeira Portugal
+351 256 200 480

TECMACAL, in the market since 1975, is a company that sells and produces industrial equipment, especially for the Footwear and Fashion Cluster industry.

TECMACAL’s strategic objective is to remain at the forefront of industrial equipment technology, stepping forward as an internationally renowned company in the sector it’s inserted in.  The company commits to the mission of becoming a group of industrial equipment engineering, having its foundation on innovation, investigation and development, integrated in sustainable environmental policies, and respect for society.

TECMACAL intends to come forward as an excellent brand, renowned by its clients, whilst also being the basic services provider in the areas where it works on. The development of the company is founded on a policy of permanent innovation and proximity to their clients, to develop and offer adequate solutions to their process and meet their needs, aiming to contribute towards the improvement of the productivity and profitability rates of the equipment it offers the market. This is the reason why the company intends to maintain their elevated quality patterns so that the company may be adequate to the demands of globalisation, to pave the way for the consolidated entrance into external markets.  

TECMACAL’s strategy has enabled it to take a stance in the market as a specialised company in the assembly of complete production units, offering a vast machinery range, that comprehends operations from pre-production, production, finishing, compressed air, design and modelling of the product, stepping forward in a relevant position throughout their path, making them the market leaders in machinery sales, for the footwear segment.

Given the need to diversify and also in order not to be dependent on a sole sector, TECMACAL has decided to bet on other sectors, taking advantage of their technical team’s know-how and resources. Currently. TECMACAL counts on a vast number of machines installed in multiple activity sectors besides the footwear sector, on which the following sectors are included: furniture, metalworking, advertising, moulds, signposting, ironwork, and auto.