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ZIPOR – Equipamentos e Tecnologia Industrial, S.A., (Industrial Equipment and Technology) was created in 1997, with the goal of manufacturing and trading equipment for the footwear segment, having expertise in the manufacturing of equipment for quality control laboratories. ZIPOR has been one of the national companies that have best met the progression within the footwear sector, holding an internal experienced IDT team that oversees laboratory equipment, in cooperation with CTCP. The ZIPOR/CTCP partnership has followed closely the sector’s development and has developed laboratory equipment that supports and validates the development of new products.

When these partners launched this activity, the footwear sector was still in the initial stage of what the materials, components and footwear quality control concerns, having developed laboratory equipment to test basic properties such as resistance to abrasion, flexion, traction, tearing, and glue dissolving, meeting the demands of the industry at the time. Throughout their activity area, ZIPOR progressed into the production of advanced laboratory systems, including, among others, systems for the evaluation of resistance to sliding, resistance to chainsaw cutting, resistance to water, properties, thermal comfort, and mechanical marching simulation. The company intends to continue to evolve in the development of new and increasingly more differentiated solutions, meeting the requirements of its clients and the Fashion and Footwear Cluster. 

ZIPOR’s systems and solutions are sold under their brand name Pegasil by Zipor, with a stronghold in the exportation sphere, and it works for the main world markets. Many of these markets and others to be explored, the present elevated potential for growth within the footwear sector, since the largest footwear companies in the world are starting to move on.