Portuguese Soul: New Season

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The program “Portuguese Soul” has returned to RTP2 for its second season. The partnership between RTP2 and APICCAPS is once again coming to life on public television for the second edition of the documentary series “Portuguese Soul”, with the support of the PRR (Recovery and Resilience Plan) under the Bioshoes4all project.

What makes up the fabric of a material? And what constitutes the social fabric of a material? With which threads do they intertwine? “Portuguese Soul” seeks to answer all of these questions. Exploring its connection to the world of fashion, Gisela João embarks on a journey to discover eight new raw materials and the people who give life to fashion. “Portuguese Soul” appropriately looks at the beginning, in a documentary journey filled with questions, discoveries, and, above all, experiences, exploring, in each episode, the substance and craftsmanship of a material. And this time, the materials are linen, rubber, hemp, suede, wicker and reed, algae, dye plants, and silk.