The Sea as Symbol of Hope

From Portugal to the world on the ocean Words: Patrícia Barnabé The design of the future and the sustainability of our planet depend on the ocean. The brand-new Bauhaus of the Seas project is a European Union initiative led by Portugal, with eyes and heart set firmly on the coastal horizon. We talked to one […]

Sustainability glossary

To the danger of greenwashing, we can also add that the excessive use of the word “sustainability” has caused the term and its mission to be perceived as trivial, leading to the saturation of the public. The adequate description of a responsible action thus needs a new lexicon, clearer and more explanatory. In the process […]

Sustainability pioneers in the fashion industry

Different types of shoes and flip-flops

If fashion has always wanted to change the world while inspiring us with the most beautiful things in life, what are its plans to reduce the giant ecological footprint it has left on the planet? We went to find out about the players and brands in Portugal that are starting to make a difference and […]

Portuguese cork to conquer the world with a new promotional video

‘The Corkologist’ is the new video promoting cork launched by the Portuguese Cork Association (APCOR) as part of the sector’s international promotion project, InterCork 4, which represents an investment of €3.2 million and seeks to enhance the position of this 100% natural, reusable and recyclable material.Through Sarah Oakson, a name inspired by what in English […]

For a better world

Back in 2015 the UN defined 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in what came to be called Agenda 2030.It is a broad and ambitious agenda that addresses several aspects of sustainable development (social, economic, environmental) and promotes peace, justice and effective institutions. “Ending poverty in all its forms everywhere” is the primary objective of this […]

The Path to the Future is Green

What are the sustainability targets for textiles, fashion and footwear set by the major international organisations? We went to find out. Words: Patrícia Barnabé According to the figures, in 2017, there were 18 million displaced people in the world as a result of climate disasters and extreme events such as floods and wildfires, which are […]

120 companies in the footwear sector sign the Green Pact

Rice, coffee grounds, apple peels, or plastic bottles. In the footwear industry nothing is wasted, everything is transformed. Within the scope of the BioShoes4All project, a new generation of products is under development.

Belcinto is a champion of sustainability

Belcinto is a champion of sustainability

Belcinto has just won the SME EnterPRIZE award, on the first edition of the competition promoted by the Tranquilidade assurance firm. The leather goods company was the big national winner in the sustainability area, having the jury also ascribed two honourable mentions to Promecel and ALGAPlus. The SME EnterPRIZE | European Sustainability Award for SME […]

The return of production to Europe is a great illusion

The return of production to Europe is a great illusion

Although there is much talk of reshoring or nearshoring, terms that essentially mean the return of industries to their country of origin, official figures do not seem to confirm this trend. “It is not possible to prove this movement”, considers Joana Vaz Teixeira. According to the coordinator of the World Footwear Yearbook, an initiative of […]