Zèta and Nespresso launch sneakers made from recycled coffee grounds

Zèta and Nespresso launch sneakers made from recycled coffee grounds
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Nespresso and Zèta have just launched a line of sneakers made from coffee grounds. They are called RE:GROUND, are produced in Portugal and each pair uses the equivalent of 12 cups of recycled coffee grounds. According to Nespresso, it takes 12 cups’ worth of coffee grounds, which are later incorporated into the vegan leather uppers as well as the soles of the shoes.

Zèta, a French sustainable fashion company, collaborated with the Portuguese company Tintex, responsible for creating an innovative ‘raw material’ from coffee grounds, and Rubis, which produced the sneakers. The remaining elements of RE:GROUND are made with 80% recycled and sustainable materials such as Mediterranean plastics, corks, rubber and latex.

“My vision for Zèta was to create stylish sneakers for eco-conscious fashion lovers. For this capsule collection, our fabric creators at Tintex spent eight months perfecting an innovative vegan faux-leather made using recycled coffee grounds”, advanced in a statement Laure Babin, CEO of Zèta.

“Zèta is an incredible start-up that brings together style and sustainability. The brand’s commitment to circularity means they are pushing the envelope in terms of creating new value from waste, and their spirit of innovation has led them to design a whole new use for our recycled coffee grounds”, says Guillaume Le Cunff, Nespresso’s CEO.